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Who Can You Trust When You're Charged With a Crime?

Retain a federal crime attorney in Nashville, TN

Armistead Law Group PLLC represents clients in the Nashville, Tennessee area who have been charged with federal crimes, such as drug crimes. These charges are serious-and they have the potential to destroy your future if you're convicted. You need a federal crime attorney who's ready to build an aggressive defense.

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Take a look at our other practice areas

In addition to tackling federal criminal cases, we can also handle cases involving:

  • Elder law
  • Probate law
  • Estate planning law

Whether you're planning for your family's future or probating a loved one's will, you can count on Armistead Law Group for the legal support you need when you need it most. Our elder law attorney can also help you if you're trying to apply for TennCare. Call us today to schedule an appointment with an estate planning, probate or elder law attorney in Nashville, TN.

You need an attorney who will take aggressive legal action

When you're fighting federal criminal charges, don't choose an attorney who does the bare minimum. You need an experienced federal crime attorney who has extensive knowledge of the justice system. Armistead Law Group has a full arsenal of legal tools and connections that will help us build the strongest defense possible. We also handle post-conviction cases. We can:

  • Meet with you remotely via phone or video conference
  • Provide you with a Spanish-speaking law clerk
  • Help you appeal your sentence

We have unique insider knowledge of federal sentencing and the constitutional challenges involved with federal charges. We'll go above and beyond to provide you with the criminal defense you need. Schedule an appointment with a federal crime attorney in Nashville, TN today.