Build a Bulletproof Federal Criminal Defense

Build a Bulletproof Federal Criminal Defense

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Criminal convictions can carry serious penalties, such as prison time, fines and probation. But if you're facing major criminal charges, you should also be worried about what a conviction will do to your future. Even after a prison sentence is complete, an ex-con has to live with a stained reputation that can haunt them forever.

Get legal support today if you've been charged with a federal crime. Call Armistead Law Group PLLC if you need a federal crime law attorney in Nashville, TN to handle your case. We can help with:

  • Federal criminal defense
  • 2255 motions
  • Direct appeals
  • Sentencing issues
  • Motions to suppress

Contact Armistead Law Group now to schedule an appointment with a federal crime law attorney. Our office is located in Nashville, TN but we also work with clients in Indiana and Kentucky.

What makes us different from other criminal attorneys?

Clients facing federal charges need attorneys who have experience with federal criminal defense. Federal criminal charges carry significant prison time and must be taken seriously. A felony conviction will have an impact on every aspect of your life-from applying for jobs to obtaining a loan.

Federal crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences, and most defendants face substantial time. Contact Armistead Law Group if you've been charged with a federal crime. We have the federal crime law experience needed to protect your rights. We can also help you if you with post-sentencing issues if you've been convicted.